Today I am taking a deep breath and a reluctant first step because I plan to share some of my most vulnerable thoughts and feelings. As I probe deeper into my personal concerns and private moments my goal is to discover the positive sides of aging and a better acceptance of myself as I enter this new phase of life.

I am not a professional writer; I simply love to write. It is my hope that my children and perhaps grandchildren will gain some insight as to who I am as I share my journey. I hope they will come to appreciate and value the things I find challenging and rewarding.

I do not wish to come across as unappreciative of all the gifts I have received from my Heavenly Father. I am truly humbled by His love and faithfulness. Through His grace, as I begin to share these stories, I hope to discover and accept ~ aging is indeed a gift!


Meet my husband, my dog Moomoo, and me!

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