Signs of Aging


I am reminded daily that I am getting older, sometimes in very obvious ways and others catch me totally off guard. Please let me share two examples.

Little aches and pains suddenly creep up out of nowhere. I just don’t understand how I can go to bed feeling fine and wake up with an issue. For example, I got out of bed one morning and as I proceeded to walk across the room I became aware that I was waddling back and forth like a duck walking toward the lake. What the heck? I then realized the bottoms of my feet felt like I was walking on small electrified stones. I struggled briefly to keep my balance and I teetered so far over that I must have slightly sprained my big toe. My feet felt fine after a few minutes, but my big toe hurt for several days. Fortunately, this has not happened since and appears to have been an isolated thing, but why did that even happen?

Not long ago I stopped in a national fast food restaurant with some friends for an afternoon glass of refreshing lemonade before starting back out on our shopping adventure. It was my turn to order and the guy behind the counter kindly told me “there was no charge for small drinks for senior citizens.” What!? Did they just look at me and assume I was a senior citizen without feeling it was necessary to ask?

I somehow was able to stammer a “thank you, how nice” as I reached for my beverage thinking to myself wow I AM getting old!!

3 thoughts on “Signs of Aging

  1. I can SO relate to what you are saying. Sometimes, I feel just like I did thirty years ago, and then, suddenly, I feel like I always thought old people felt–achy, sleepy, and a little confused.
    Love your new blog. Can’t wait to read your other posts!


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