Do you know what bothers me about getting older? Do you know what makes me feel most vulnerable? Becoming invisible. What exactly does that mean? To some people it means men no longer look admiringly at them. Although I do welcome an appreciative glance from a man, this is not the form of invisibility to which I am referring. To some people it means loneliness and isolation and this is a definite concern of mine. I also think it means no longer feeling needed by others and no longer feeling like what I say or think really matters. Sometimes I truly feel invisible, like no one even knows I am present. I hate to think this could become the norm as I age.

I am a good listener and enjoy the company and engaging in conversation with others. I have life experiences and have much to share. As I age I am better at differentiating between what really matters in situations, am more objective, and can discern which battles to fight. I am shy and generally quiet so I have concerns that I can be easily overlooked or forgotten. I have concerns that no one will see the value in asking me what I think. Deepak Chopra stated, “invisible is a condition you can change with time, effort and creativity. You deserve to be noticed, cared for and valued”.




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