Temporary Lifestyle?

I have visited many wonderful cities and have often enjoyed imagining what it would be like to live in these places. For example, I love the magic and charm I feel when I visit Asheville, North Carolina. Every time I visit, I envision what it would be like to enjoy my morning coffee or an evening glass of wine as I watch the sun rise and set over the Blue Ridge Mountains. To observe the twinkling lights of the city spread out in the distance below.  I want to experience the culture and eclectic opportunities in this city I adore.


Retiring in Asheville would be a dream come true for me, but in reality that is all it will ever be and that is OK! (I love my cozy home and all of the amenities the surrounding area has to offer).

But I can’t help but think it would be wonderful to live in a city I have always wanted to live in ~ even if only for a little while. I recently read an article about living a temporary lifestyle. It was actually about college life and how the components that make up day-to-day life in college is different once you graduate and enter the real world. It got me to thinking about how I could adapt this concept once I retire.

Let me explain. I could live a temporary lifestyle by renting a condo or an apartment in a city I would love to experience for a couple of weeks or months. For example, I could walk barefoot along the beach outside a Gulf Coast or Hilton Head condo and eat fresh seafood whenever I wanted. I could stargaze and watch for wildlife from a mountain cabin in Tennessee or Virginia. I would relish the opportunity to spoil children and grandchildren in AL and CA from a nearby house or condo. I can also imagine enjoying restaurants and browsing through the shops just down the street from a bungalow in some quaint town. Maybe I could splurge and live somewhere exotic for a month!  With so many websites offering opportunities to lease a mountain cabin, a condo, a home, or a beach cottage for a week to a few months ~ the possibilities are almost endless.


What a fun way to enjoy some spontaneity in retirement!  Just pack my bags, close up my home, and enjoy the “temporary lifestyle” opportunites out there.

I am dreaming big, but you never know!

Even if this dream never happens,”home sweet home” is a really sweet permanent lifestyle for me!


3 thoughts on “Temporary Lifestyle?

  1. So true. We’ve been searching for our retirement home for about a year now, and many of the places we’ve visited (from Cape Cod, MA, to Naples, FL) leave us with the same reaction: a great place to visit and vacation, but we really can’t envision making it our home. So the search goes on, and who knows … maybe it’ll being us right back where we started from.


  2. “Home is where your heart is” which is true. As I grow older and move some as well as visit my parents home where I used to live as well, I truly believe the saying that anyone can have a house full of walls and paint, but a true home is full of love which can be anywhere, any size, and anytime- and it is ALWAYS full! Even a mansion can be empty in its vast size!


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