Unexpected Surprise in Heaven



It is comforting to imagine our loved ones greeting us with joy and celebration as we first arrive in heaven. It brings me much eagerness and anticipation as I imagine this experience. But what if the very first person I see is someone I found hard to love, or someone who hurt me so badly that I found it very difficult to forgive? What if the very first person I see is someone who I either knowingly or unknowingly hurt?

I truly believe that I will be surprised to see some people in heaven. I think we all will. Only God knows our hearts and who we really are, even if others cannot understand. I am trusting that if I am greeted by someone who has left painful scars in my human heart, I will be so filled with the joy and peace of heaven that I will instantly smile and reach out my arms for a warm and fulfilling hug. I hope to be overwhelmed with the positive changes that must have occurred that lead to this moment.


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