Savoring – Greenville, SC

“Yeah, that Greenville get ready to fall in love.”

Last Fall my husband surprised me with tickets to see an upcoming musical production (this month) for my birthday present.  The venue was the Peace Center located in Greenville, South Carolina.


Peace Center – Notice the hanging sculpture in the lobby entrance.  It is called “Taking Flight”.

Since this venue is about two hours from our house, we decided to drive over this past Saturday morning and spend the day reacquainting ourselves with this delightful downtown.  We made reservations at one of the hotels on Main Street because it was within easy walking distance to the venue.


Main Street in Greenville has many delicious restaurants and a variety of shops for browsing.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and everyone is friendly.  As you walk along this mile on Main Street you will notice several of the stores have bowls of water and treats for your little canine friends right outside their doors.



There are two favorite stores we have to go to whenever we visit:  Mast General Store and Oil & Vinegar.


There is something for everyone in this unique store!


The customer service at this store is first rate!


I could not resist buying a few goodies to serve when I host an upcoming book club meeting. 

As the day passed we decided to take a break and soak in a little sunshine while we people watched.


Shortly after this photo was taken we went back to our room to freshen up before enjoying a very casual dinner and the show.


Take a look at these milk shakes!  We did not indulge, but may have to return to Grill Marks restaurant sooner than later to experience this cold and creamy delight.  They have quite an assortment of flavors such as “Chocolate Brownie Crack” and “Salted Caramel Heath Bar Crunch”. They even have beer shakes and adult beverage shakes (minus the milk). 

Before we knew it, we were back in the car heading home.  I am so thankful to have opportunities such as this to create new memories and savor these moments in time.


This area is a must see.  It is called Falls Park on the Reedy.  It is such a peaceful and tranquil setting to take a stroll.  In this photo you will see some lofts, restaurants, and hotels located along the river just off Main Street.  On the other side of the street are gentle waterfalls and paved walking trails with beautiful views of the rocky river.  There are picnic tables scattered about as well as boulders and benches for sitting.  Young people were throwing frisbees while others sat on blankets and sipped on warm beverages.  Shade is abundant and I am sure it is a favorite spot to enjoy all year long!  

Side Note:  In the spring and summer there is a Saturday morning farmers market along Main Street where you can buy homemade goodies and fresh produce.  Also, starting in mid-March through the end of September they have free concerts called Main Street Fridays. The city shuts down the one end of the street. People bring their lawn chairs and coolers while they listen and tap their feet to the beat of the live music. Others get up and dance while others visit the vendors or take their children to some of the activities designed for the younger crowd. We accidentally stumbled upon these two events on our visit last spring and had a wonderful time!  “Yeah, that Greenville!”

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