All Sunshine Makes a Desert


“All sunshine makes a desert” ~ Arabian proverb  

Do you know people who seem to have sunny and mild temperatures every single day of their life?

There is one couple who have been in my heart for many years.  Through their own hard work and self-discipline, they have gone over and beyond even their own expectations. Their children are successful, bright and are very grounded. Investment ventures continue to grow monetarily. They have the financial means to give to others through scholarships and endowments at the university they graduated and they travel the world.  Social media and their website enable them to educate others.  They are involved in countless organizations bringing goodness into the lives of others.  Good health, strong faith and family ties, many friends, and a life sprinkled with lots of love and laughter grace their daily lives.  It appears they have been exempt from the dark, stormy days some of us have experienced.  The miles have seperated us, and we visit through Christmas cards, random phone calls or texts these days.  We travel in different circles and I often wonder if they have, in some small way, lost touch with what most people live everyday? I am sure they appreciate the sunny days of their life, but if they haven’t experienced the rainy days or the storms how can they possibly understand what it is like?  How would they manage if or when they are hit? To my knowledge they have not suffered any setbacks in their marriage, with their children, or in their businesses.  They are living examples of what a lot of us want to look back on our lives and see.

Perhaps they do not have as much to learn about life as I.  Perhaps they are learning lessons in ways which I cannot comprehend. Perhaps their lessons to be learned will come later.

As I look back over my life, I realize that my most important lessons were learned through the storms in my life ~ disappointments, mistakes and interrupted plans.

Through my suffering I was forced to make key choices.

It took a while, but I realize the rainy, even stormy times were needed to make the flowers in my life grow.

I learned to be flexible, less judgmental and more empathetic.  I learned to keep a level head and maintain a steady pace. I learned to duck from time to time and eventually tried to maintain a positive attitude as best I could.

If all you know are sunny days, how can you endure the glory and majesty of a mighty thunderstorm, the strength of a tornado, or the power of a hurricane?  You would never enjoy the magic and the beauty of a rainbow.


“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” 1Peter 5:10

9 thoughts on “All Sunshine Makes a Desert

  1. Could it be that you don’t know the trials they have encountered……I once read a book that called “Family Secrets.” He pointed out that each one of us has some trial in our lives and that the person that says he has no trials are in great denial of them….

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  2. This is very relevant to my life right now. Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom about the usefulness of life’s personal storms, presented in such a lovely way. .

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  3. I must be from one of those families which to all outward appearances has not gone through trials. I have heard people saying what would you know, you have not gone through what I have.
    Perhaps I have not but believe me my families struggles are as real and as troubling as anyone else’s.
    I have read of an old slave hymn
    ” Nobody knows the trouble I’ve been through
    Nobody knows my sorrow
    Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”
    Glory hallelujah!

    I understand that without rain one cannot appreciate sunshine and without sunshine one cannot appreciate the rain.
    But no one knows the troubles the other person has gone through.


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