Savoring Healthy Eating

fullsizeoutput_1a17My husband and I eat pretty healthy, but his doctor told him he should make some changes in his dietary choices.

We took a closer look at what we were actually eating on a daily basis and decided to make a few alterations. I am happy to say we have done a good job sticking with our updated plan. Some of our changes include:

  • Buying as many organic fresh fruits and vegetables as we can find.
  • Eating grass-fed beef that has been ~ key word: grass finished as often as possible.
  • Eating chicken, eggs, and pork that have been pasture raised.
  • Limiting our sugar intake.  (From what I have read, this is the source of a lot of health issues.)
  • Very limited GMO products. (This was strongly suggested by the doctor. I am currently trying to learn more about these products. We have quite a few of those brands in our home, so we are gradually weeding them out and replacing them with the non GMO products.  Just hope the information I find is accurate.)
  • Limiting our portion sizes. We don’t want to eat as much as we use to, so smaller portions are our preferred way of eating these days.  We will often eat on our salad size plates so it mentally makes us think we are eating more since we see a fuller plate.  When we eat on our dinner plates we try to fill it up with fresh vegetables and a protein.

I have worked very hard locating local farms that raise the type of beef, pork, poultry, and eggs we desire. I must say, everything we buy from this farm has been delicious! Mountain Valley Farm

Grass-fed-grass finished beef cooks just a little differently, and has a delicious flavor! It cost a little more, but the health benefits, the quality, and the taste are worth it!

grass carpet

We have learned to be very cautious and read labels. Not everything marked organic, natural, and cage free is the real deal.

Holleman Farms, Greenville, TX ~  An excellent choice for pork, chicken, and eggs if you live in Texas.

I have some friends who own a very successful ranch in Palo Pinto, Texas ~ the 2S Ranch. They continue to educate me to the value of “knowing your rancher” to ensure you are getting the best quality possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If I lived in Texas, they would be my ranch of choice for beef.

grass fed

The 2S Ranch in Palo Pinto, TX

My husband and I will definitely enjoy a few splurges and understand we can’t always control what we eat outside our home.  But, here is to continued success in reading labels, buying fresh, and knowing my rancher!

12 thoughts on “Savoring Healthy Eating

  1. Sounds like you’re really on top of things. I have a little problem with sugar, which is totally my fault since I have a weakness for the sweets. And I find there’s also a problem with salt, which seems to be hidden in a lot of foods. So, you can’t be too careful.


  2. Yes, often on food labels organic or natural do not mean they are. We try to buy our eggs from farmers and raise a big garden each year. Canning and freezing all the extra fruits and vegetables.


  3. My hubby was told this past December 15 he need to change how he eats-it was a matter of life and death! He was harboring the silent killer, heart disease. So his world changed and we’ve been taking a crash course on nutrition. Sounds much like what your husband is doing. I was happy to jump on board as I was a health nut before marriage….not until my mid 50s did I give up eating like a bird to keep fit-and the weight crept up. We just passed our 102 day in tracking everything we eat. We use food tracker apps to help educate us and monitor our protein, carbs and fats. At 6’2″, hubby didn’t look over weight-but he didn’t like the extra 10 pounds (it was more but that’s all he’d admit to) he couldn’t drop, from waist 34 to 36. Once we changed how we ate, he dropped 40 and I’ve dropped 20 pounds-back to our weight 20 years ago! We plan to blog about it….he wants to wait until he’s been successful for 6 months. Anyway, what an education to learn about food additives, etc.
    We have settled on eating Bison in place of beef. We travel full time so hard to find a rancher!
    We look forward to learning more about your journey!


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