Savoring – Siblings

Since today is National Siblings Day I want to pay a brief tribute to my siblings.


Sis lives in the country on acres and acres of beautiful land with a pond for fishing and quiet moments.  I love to visit her home because it is so peaceful and serene.  It is funny how where she lives genuinely reflects her personality.  Harmonious, serene, and comforting.

Brother lives close to the city where life moves at a faster pace.  I love to visit his home that is nestled in a lovely neighborhood filled with mature trees and located in close proximity to great restaurants and live music. I have recently noticed how where he lives also reflects his personality.  Outgoing, jovial, funny.

I live in the ever changing suburbs in between both of them.  We don’t get to see each other nearly enough, but we truly value and appreciate the times when we do get together.


We are each one different, yet the same.

We always have each other’s back. You mess with one of us, then you mess with all of us.


I always have to laugh when I look at our hair in this faded photograph!

We have always been there for each other.

We’ve kept secrets.  We have shared our deepest thoughts, joys, and sorrows.

We all genuinely like each other and have always gotten along. Whenever the three of us get together I promise, all we do is laugh!


A Christmas gift from our mom. She gave us each a box to open at the same time and we found these wonderful tee shirts inside! (Even though my siblings may disagree, I am pretty sure Mom actually did love me the best!) 😉

They are kind and gentle souls.

I have never heard either one of them ever say anything negative about anyone else.

They have been my best friends my whole life and I have loved growing older with them.

Happy Siblings Day to the absolute best!

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