Either I am getting older or I am not as young as I used to be! ~ Wine Snark

Change is good, but enough is enough!

Each time I look in the mirror I cannot believe the older face and body reflecting back. The person inside this body “feels” the same as younger days, so how come sometimes I don’t even recognize myself?


When did this happen?

When did I suddenly get …… old?

Menopause with its hot flashes, weight gain, and insomnia came on gradually at first, and then began to roar like a lion.

My hair is getting thinner and my waist line is getting chunkier.  A little more exercise, fewer sweets, and not so many in-between snacks would probably help.

Brown spots are popping up in various locations on my body, which my dermatologist said was caused by sunburns attained during my ignorant youth when I chose not use sunscreen.  In my younger days, I actually thought I wouldn’t care about my looks as I got older.

Wrinkles have crept in. Have I waited too long for the”anti-aging” creams I am using to work?  Still waiting on those results!

Injecting my skin with products to smooth wrinkles or alter my appearance is something that not only frightens me, but just doesn’t seem natural; it’s like going against nature. Going gray seems pretty trendy at the moment, but I cannot embrace that idea just yet.

In spite of all these natural “aging” occurences, I am actually very thankful to experience this phase of my life.  Changing my mind set and not focusing on the negatives of the natural aging process is getting a little easier.  Having the opportunity to maintain a healthy diet, exercise more, keep up with what is going on in my community and the world around me, and simply laugh more (especially when I look in the mirror) are just a few of the things I am beginning to appreciate more each day.

“Things will never be the same, that’s just the way it is.”  Tupac Shakur

6 thoughts on “Either I am getting older or I am not as young as I used to be! ~ Wine Snark

  1. My Mother use to say – “Beauty is only skin deep. It is the beauty from within that matters.” We all begin to change and the less you look in the mirror – the less you will care. Ha


  2. I’m with you! I heard the phrase to grow old gracefully….I’m sure trying! I will tell you my weight these past two years hit my 9 month pregnancy weight. I put on 40 pounds! I attributed it to growing old. But I’ll tell you the weight has melted off since we changed to the Heart Healthy diet. I never never thought I’d be down to this weight-my “working” weight. I was too thin when I got pregnant….Since I’ve joined my husband on this-his life depends on it-no cheating either. It’s amazing. But now these flabby arms. I googled it and aside from surgery (no thanks) I can only build muscle to fill them out….and it’ll take a lot of muscle. But I’m working on it!


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