“This car is only going one place, and that is to the emergency room,” my best friend firmly stated as she took charge behind the wheel of my car.

It was a gloriously beautiful morning as my BFF and I drove happily down the freeway toward our shopping and lunch excursion.  We had been planning for weeks to spend the day wandering in and out of little shops in the square of a nearby town and to eat lunch at a place we had been wanting to try for months.

We had only been on the road for less than 30 minutes when rather suddenly I told BFF I had to pull off the road right away because I was feeling very strange.  As I drove off the exit, I felt like I might pass out, I was beginning to sweat, my pulse was racing, and I felt a little sick to my stomach (I think was due to my surprise at what was happening to me).  As I drank from my water bottle I noticed my hands were shaking, and I just did not feel right.  It was so strange because it hit me all of a sudden, no warning, nothing!!

I got out of the car and walked around for a few minutes, and even though some of the symptoms were beginning to subside, I still did not feel just right.  Our local hospital was not far away so we decided I should go get checked.  The staff immediately took charge  and began to treat me as if I was having a heart attack.  BFF called my husband and waited in the room with me until he arrived while the ER staff was in and out conducting various tests.

Fortunately (long story short) there was no evidence of a heart attack, my blood work was excellent, EKG results were good, my blood pressure was great, and other vital tests proved negative.  I felt so foolish to have caused such a stir.  Everyone, from my BFF to the doctor, did their best to reassure me I had, without a doubt, done the right thing.

After the doctor went over the results, I asked if I might have diabetes which may have caused a drop in my blood sugar?  The doctor reassured me I did not have diabetes.

I am not on any prescribed medications, limit my caffeine, and don’t use drugs.

Did I have had a panic/anxiety attack?  There is some stress in my life, but don’t we all have some stress?


What in the world triggered this reaction in my body?

Maybe it was divine intervention that put the kibosh on our little excursion protecting us from a much worse fate?

Maybe it was another wakeup call?  A reminder that life is precious and short.

Whatever it was I am truly thankful for a proactive BFF, a supportive husband, a caring ER staff and a loving Heavenly Father.


35 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Something happened to my husband a few months ago. He had an ambulance ride to the ER. The tests showed nothing except elevated blood pressure which wouldn’t cause the symptoms he had. The best guess is that he had a blood pressure spike which created havoc but within a few hours all was well. The incident, while not life threatening, changed us. He doesn’t go biking without his cell phone. I have a tendency to check on him occasionally if he is working outside for long stretches. Life is precious and precarious. Glad you were with someone when it happened.

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  2. I’m so glad you were checked out and found to be in good health. Things like that are scary while they are happening. John and I were on our morning walk when he said his arm hurt. We stopped, sat for a few minutes, and slowly walked home. I didn’t say a thing, and he immediately went to see his doctor. Subsequently, he had a stent inserted and is doing well. He is certainly better today than he was that morning!

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  3. It’s so much better to go and be checked in such a situation. I have a friend who was stubborn when things like this happened to her and was late in getting the right treatment. It was a cerebral thrombosis. So your friend did the right thing to help you be examined. Hopefully you can enjoy a day out another time


  4. My sister-in-law deals with severe panic attacks that sound a great deal like what you described. She is the most mellow woman I know, and the last person we’d have associated with a panic attack.


    • In all honesty, I am wondering if that is what I had. I experienced this once before about 4 years ago, but I did not get it checked.
      I would also be described as mellow and calm by others who know me. Odd thing, is I cannot determine a trigger. Hopefully, this will never happen again!

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  5. Like several who left a comment here, I have no clue what might have been going on. I’m just glad you were not alone when it happened and that nothing major was found to be wrong. It reminds me to be grateful for every moment I am blessed with health and energy. Thank you.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!


  6. It is so important to err on the side of safe even if you are left wondering what on earth it was. I am heartened that you ARE safe and hope you don’t get a recurrence of the symptoms and can pop them in the basket labelled ‘peculiar’ 🙂


  7. You were so right to go straight to the hospital where they could do all the checks required to make sure you were medically ok.

    It could have been a panic attack. But if it happens again please go straight to the hospital again. Don’t wait or think that sitting down for a while will sort it out. Until you have knowledge of exactly what this is, it’s safer to have the medical team taking care of you.
    Wishing the best for you ~ Cobs.


  8. So glad that everything turned out okay, but it’s the unanswered “What the heck happened?” that is a little unsettling. It was wise to go to the ER to get checked out and so glad you did so! I’m also happy for the opportunity to follow you and read your posts. Dawn


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