Be the “I showed up” person in the lives of others. Such a thought provoking post to start the new year.

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My friend’s mother was dying in her living room. I knew that but I didn’t.

She’d told me her mother was terminally ill but it never really sank in. Oh, that’s why you brought her across the country and set up a hospital bed in your living room. I get it now.

My friend told me this on a long walk with our dogs. No one asks how I am doing, she said. No one visits. No one ever brings food for us.

So that night I made a pot roast with potatoes and carrots and onions and I took it to my friend’s door. You’re the only person who brought us dinner, she said A few days later, her mother died.

At work, a colleague’s wife faced a new wave of cancer. He sat in my office and complained that every night they went out to dinner. It was expensive…

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7 thoughts on “Knock

  1. This is a life-changing moment for me. I always think that if I don’t do it someone else will. They won’t even miss me. My food isn’t all that great. This post convicts me–from now on, i will make it happen. Thanks so much for this. A wonderful resolution for the new year.


  2. Sometimes when you think whatever you make won’t be something they like, It’s good to remember that at times like this, everything tastes good. How tiring it is to get only restaurant food. Best of all the giver gets a warm feeling in their heart too. A win-win all the way around.

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