This Word – Embrace

Most of us look forward to the new year and see it as an opportunity to make a fresh start.  Resolutions are made and some people are lucky enough to actually reach their goal.  Based on an article I recently read I decided to try something different this year and choose a word.

The concept of choosing one word to focus on each day of the year is appealing to me. Maybe focusing on just one word, and letting that one word guide me each day, might help me in my approach to all aspects of my life during the new year.


But which word?  Words like trust, simplicity, and discipline came to mind, but none of them fully satisfied or expressed what I wanted for this year.  They are all great words, but my objective is to sincerely BE as well as DO this word in my daily life, and these particular words were not settling just right.  After much thought and prayer, the word I was looking for came to my mind. “Embrace”  Yes, that’s it!

Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally ~ there are endless possibilities to put the word embrace into action each day. My prayer time, my marriage, my children and grandchildren are at the top of the list. I am hopeful this word embrace will help me to slow down and appreciate the glorious sights and sounds of nature, read more books, and really listen to what others have to say.  I hope this word embrace will open my eyes to new opportunities and fresh starts.

As odd as this may sound, I understand that struggles will also need to be embraced ~ the trials that can sneak up out of nowhere, the heart-breaks as well as disappointments that can occur. Embracing difficult decisions that need to be made or the many temptations that will be placed in my path will be a challenge.  It is my desire to stay faithful to this word embrace.

Taking it one day at a time, I wake up every morning thinking about embrace.  Moments that might have gone unnoticed have gradually started to enrich my life.  The adorable antics of my dog, the clever ways my students challenge me daily, and the empty, hollow feeling I felt inside after attending a recent gathering are all current moments I have embraced.  It was hard to make myself embrace the empty, hollow feeling and quite honestly I didn’t at first. It was miserable, but it caused me to reflect.  I now embrace those unhappy feelings, because they brought an affirmation in regards to a decision I have been struggling to make for a while.

We usually see what we look for and I am choosing to “embrace.”  What word would you chose?

35 thoughts on “This Word – Embrace

  1. I watched a movie the other night with my husband, it was a lovely funny one with moments of seriousness. The word that came to mind for me is the word that came from that movie which has stuck in my mind since….Majestical!

    Every day I want to see the Majestical, in the everyday!


  2. I love the idea behind picking a word for the year, and embrace is fabulous. Even though I didn’t do this “word for the year” thing many years ago, I did finally start embracing my body as is. And it’s been so freeing….So hopefully the word will help you too.
    This year my word has been “fun”. I tend to take things so seriously, and sometimes it’s just plain silly!!

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  3. I love the mindfulness this word offers! I too choose a word that I felt conjured up both be and do for me this year – Soar. For me it stands for Savoring, Optimistic, Activating, and Resilient. Yeah, a bit complicated, but 2 to be and 2 to do. In order to Soar, you need to start, take a leap, activate. But there is a stillness and Savoring in it as well. You need to trust in the leap, be optimistic. And you need to be aware of the wind currents, be resilient. A complicated metaphor…but I think every morning (so far)…. how will I Soar today? In a way similar to your what will I embrace!

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  4. I like the word you’ve chosen and the way you have embraced both the positive and the not-so-positive aspects of your life. If we fight against what we don’t like we create more pain than the actual experience. I know that but I still fight it. Perhaps I can embrace the fight! LOL.

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  5. Embrace is a wonderful word because as you so wisely wrote you have to let everything into your life. But by inviting in the good and the hard we continue to grow. It is like saying yes to life.


  6. Having just come across your blog I was so inspired by the decision to follow one word for the coming year and I loved the word you had chosen. To fully embrace ALL that life gives us does cause us to slow down and enter into each moment – savour each day – see what God has to teach us. I think I will embrace the word ’embrace’! Blessings, Lois


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