40 Years

That is how long my brother worked at Southern Bell/BellSouth/AT&T before he recently retired.  The company changed names several times in his career, but he was a consistently faithful employee. He worked his way up from climbing telephone poles to district manager.

I wanted to celebrate this milestone, by hosting a very small dinner party.  We were so busy having fun I forgot to take many photos.



A few weeks ago I reached out on the blog asking for some main course ideas and I did receive a few suggestions.  Mostly I received positive support that I would ultimately find the right recipe.  Well I did and I am happy to share the results!

After searching through my files I found this recipe I had made a few years ago. I served Anniversary Chicken from Allrecipes.com.  I like this recipe because you can prepare it ahead of time and pop it in the oven when you are ready. It is not a pretty dish so I borrowed a photo from the website.  Don’t let the ingredients scare you away, they blend together beautifully!  It may not be pretty but it tastes absolutely delicious!


I served it with basmati rice and this delicious green bean recipe.  I regret not taking a photo of these beans because they looked as good as they tasted. I used Allen (canned) green beans because they are my personal favorite instead of fresh.  If you follow the directions as they are written, even storing them in a glass jar, you will wind up with a delicious side dish.  I loved that it was also a recipe I could prepare in advance. Side note: My BFF and I catered several Christmas holiday luncheons over a seven day period a few years ago and this dish was an unexpected hit and the recipe was requested daily by the ladies.

For dessert we enjoyed champagne cupcakes.  Mine don’t look near as fancy as the ones on the link I posted, but they are amazing!  Moist and delicious!  I used this recipe for the frosting.


  • 3 1/4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 cup butter, at room temperature
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons champagne, at room temperature

I don’t mind sharing the photo I took because it is hard to take a bad photo of cupcakes!


The dinner was a success and it was great fun catching up with my siblings and their spouses.  We joked and teased as well as planned and dreamed.  None of us are the type to dominate the conversation so we all got a chance to share our thoughts with each other.

As the evening grew dark the room filled with a soft, warm glow we began to reminisce about the days long gone.  We sometimes got teary eyed as we reflected how lucky we are to still have each other and how blessed we are to have had such wonderful parents.  Some of those tears were from laughing so hard at funny memories that our cheeks hurt from all the smiling.

Life lessons have taught us that moments such as these are to be treasured as we never know what tomorrow will bring.  All that really, truly matters is that we are together as a family.  As we hugged and kissed goodbye before heading our separate ways we vowed to get together more often.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Luke 12:34

I also shared this post at:  Senior Salon/  Please take a minute to read what some of our other blogger friends have written.

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