Savoring Sea Pines ~ HHI

My school system scheduled a fall break, so M. and I decided to take a short trip out of town.  We found a beautiful condo for an even more beautiful (low) price so we decided to visit Sea Pines in Hilton Head, South Carolina.


We loved the tree-lined streets where huge old oak trees are scattered about.


I could not wait to eat breakfast each morning at the Harbour Town Bakery and Cafe.


The food is simply delicious and is located in the old lighthouse keepers cottage.


I failed to capture the absolute charm of this place.  There are two fireplaces at each side of the small room.  The breakfast and lunch selections, pastries, and the coffee (my favorite is the pecan coffee) are hard to beat anywhere.  You can dine inside or out.


Harbour Town is right across the street.  It has a few shops, a couple of restaurants, a lighthouse and a small harbor with some pretty impressive boats.

Three of our grandchildren (the baby was napping) were visiting at the same time so we got to spend a little time with them too! There are two parrots, Cherokee and Kiwi, on display each day at South Beach Marina Village.  It was fun to hear them say hello and goodbye.  They were putting on a show this afternoon because uninvited guests (a squirrel and some other small birds) were doing their best to steal some of their food. The parrots were not interested in sharing so the squawking got pretty loud.

During our visit we were treated to some beautiful sights of nature. The photo below was taken just after sunset of some egrets settling in for the night (I believe it is called roosting) among the branches of trees encircling a large pond. The lighting was not good but there were probably 500 – 600 egrets perched.  It was an amazing thing to see!

IMG_6716Side note:  After taking a couple of photos I happened to glance over the pond and there was an alligator in the water about 15 – 20 feet away quietly observing me.  I only saw the tip of its snout and its eyes.  Once we made eye contact it went under water and I high tailed it back to the car!

The next morning we headed out for breakfast and saw the egrets were interested in eating their breakfast as well. This photo does not do this scene justice. There were hundreds of egrets along this pond that extend beyond the boundaries of this photo.


One evening we took a “Happy Hour” cruise and saw a few more wonderful gifts from nature.  Before we set sail the captain pointed out a Bald Eagle circling perhaps 50 feet above the surface of the water. It floated and glided and suddenly extending both legs it swooped down and captured some sort of fish from the sound. Wow!  You can barely see the eagle in the photo below.


A lovely sunset…..


and the rising of the moon….

fullsizeoutput_225fNeither M. nor I had ever seen the moon rise in this fashion and it was incredible!  My photo just does not do it justice, but this is about the best photo I took out of the bunch. I especially love the reflection in the water.

After our boat trip we enjoyed a light, late dinner at the Salty Dog Cafe listening to live music.  In between songs we enjoyed sharing our thoughts on what a wonderful trip we had and hopes of returning again someday.


Sea Pines sits on 5,200 acres of land and there are many things to do here.  We mostly took it easy but you can golf, play tennis, go horseback riding, swim, fish, shop, and go boating.  A favorite activity is biking. There are miles of mostly shaded bike trails all over Sea Pines and people are out riding all day, everyday.


Outside of Sea Pines there are lots of other restaurants, shops to wander through and other things to do on the island. Disney has a place there as well. We even took a side trip to Beaufort where The Big Chill movie was filmed.  If you have never been to Sea Pines it is worth a visit.

“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.”  Dalia Lama

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9 thoughts on “Savoring Sea Pines ~ HHI

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing the photos. We have alligators here in Mount Pleasant SC. After living most of my life in Virginia, I am learning a lot about different creatures. 🙂


  2. What a lovely quaint place! Looks like fun & my kind of place for tea & treats!
    We don’t have Alligators here in Australia but Crocodiles up in our Northern Territory reaching up to 20+ft in length that will chase you if you get too close :-O

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