Savoring Egg Fest

No, I am not talking about this egg:


I am talking about this EGG….the grill.


EGGtoberfest is an annual event held in Atlanta each October. The fest originated in 1998 as a way for Big Green Egg to say “Thank You” to loyal customers that regularly logged on to the Forum to chat and share recipes and experiences and found themselves becoming fast friends.  EGGtoberfest provided the opportunity to get together and cook their favorite recipes on the EGG. The first year, about 100 Big Green Egg pioneers attended the cookout at the American Legion Hall in Atlanta, with 15 cooks firing up an EGG. The meet, greet and eat event turned into the First Annual EGGtoberfest, which was considered a big success.”  

The photo below was our first attendance to this event and it was pretty impressive.  This was about 8 years ago. The event is held the middle of October.  Get this, the tickets go on sale the first of August and sell out in a matter of hours.  It is almost as hard to get tickets to this event as it is to the practice rounds of the Masters Golf tournament.


“The Annual EGGtoberfest has grown to a fun-filled weekend celebration where more than 200 EGGs are fired up by new and experienced EGGheads to feed the enthusiastic crowd of over 3000 people. Spectacular fare can range from moose kabobs (the result of a successful Maine hunt) and a roasted whole fresh Alaskan salmon (caught, brought and cooked by an Alaska EGG owner) to exotic breakfast dishes, peach cobblers, grilled pineapple, rum soaked apple cake, smoked turkey necks, barbecued meatloaf and many versions of the more traditional pulled pork, fallin’-off-the-bone ribs, spicy sausages, juicy beef brisket, crispy pizza and just about any other food that you can imagine.”

The next photos were taken about 6 years ago.  Both of these events were taken in the month of October.  Notice the difference in the weather and temperatures?  Crazy!!!  Grills come in all sizes from 10 inch diameter to 29 inch diameter and they are all on display and for sale during this event.



The line waiting to get in Stone Mountain Park for EGGtoberfest.


“This festive annual family-oriented event also provides an opportunity for someone thinking about buying an EGG to see firsthand the versatility of the intriguing ceramic cooker. The EGGs that are cooked on are sold afterwards; a number of lucky purchasers can take one home at day’s end.”  

This grill takes a little getting use to when you first start cooking but I have to say, M is a champion cook on the EGG. The flavor of whatever you cook is outstanding!!  We cook pork butt, steaks, burgers, chicken, ribs, pizza, kabobs, salmon, pork chops, even banana bread.

P1000679We can’t wait to go again!

The words typed in italics in this post are directly from the Big Green Egg Website

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