Book Club Night

Bursts of laughter and lively conversation…. Book Club is something I look forward to every third Thursday of each month.  We named ourselves REaD Threads and the story of how we decided this name is here.



Simple, relaxed and informal we gather together to enjoy some delicious food and discuss the book of the month.  Preparations usually include a list of discussion questions pertaining to the book, maybe some visual props, or plan an easy game.

A few of our more creative members host unique gatherings. For example, one of the books we read was “Devil in the White City” by, Erik Larsen so the hostess shared memorabilia from the World’s Colombian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893.  As we discussed the book we dined on some delicious Chicago style pizza and enjoyed a few treats first introduced at the fair such as Cracker Jacks and Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum.  Another time we had a movie night where we arrived early and talked about “The Book Thief” by, Markus Zusak.  Afterward we relaxed in comfortable chairs or stretched out on the floor with a pillow and a warm blanket in the hostess’ home theater room to watch the movie version while we munched on movie type snacks. One of our members was a brand new mom of two newborns and she was soon lulled to (much-needed) sleep by the soothing darkness and gentle musical soundtrack. Another time, one of the members invited the author of one of the books we read to our meeting and she accepted!  That meeting was hilarious and is a whole other story in itself!

Every year we select a different month or season of the year to host and February is my month. For the past two weeks, I busied myself gathering discussion questions, planned a quick word game and prepared a menu of appetizers.

On the menu was a delicious Marinated Cheese Tray, artichoke spinach dip, stuffed mushrooms, assorted crackers, bread, nuts and homemade cookies.  These are some of my “go to” recipes when I want to prepare something I know will get eaten up.

Even though the weather outside was cold and rainy, it was warm and cozy inside.  My book buddies (we have been together for nine years) did not disappoint with their thoughtful insights and unique perspectives.  We, however, did our fair share of getting off topic and laughing so much our faces hurt!

By the way, this month’s book is “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate.  A historical fiction based on real events.  It was an emotional and riveting read.

Book club cartoon taken from this site. No copyright infringement intended.

27 thoughts on “Book Club Night

  1. I don’t belong to a book club but go to a “game night” once a month that includes spouses. The food you can make for women is so much more fun and creative than what we do with the guys included. *dining envy* BTW I loved the Book Thief!

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  2. I was so thrilled reading about your book club. I would like to visit if I lived anywhere nearby. We have a university Book Club but it reads only one book in a year( that too, over a period of 4 weeks). I am sure you all had a lot of fun. I felt for the mother who got a little shut eye when you all were enjoying the movie. I think women getting ” me time” is so important to rejuvenate their lives and turn up their souls, not to mention, giving them food for thought to ruminate over until the next meeting.


  3. Your book club sounds like a lot of fun. Our book club also is considering reading “Before We Were Yours”. It sounds like a wonderful book. Our next meeting is on Sunday afternoon. We always have a great time too.


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