Sunday Stills on Tuesday: The Great Outdoors

Thanks Terri Webster Schrandt for the opportunity to participate in this photo challenge. I have been very blessed to have visited many gorgeous places on the continent of North America which includes the key areas of almost all of the 50 states as well as Canada and parts of Mexico. But I got to thinking that most of those photos (I could share) you can easily see in any travel brochure.  So the particular photos I chose are all within an easy drive or a few steps from my home.  It is nice to think the “Great Outdoors” can be so close. I thought it would be fun to participate so here is my contribution:



An approaching storm at the beach.



Just outside my bedroom window.



The view my son had while tandem skydiving in Georgia.


The moon rising in Hilton Head, South Carolina



Spectacular sunset along the Gulf Coast in the panhandle area of Florida.


This cool and refreshing spot is a short drive from my home.


Check out #Sunday Stills to see other links to some wonderful photos.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Stills on Tuesday: The Great Outdoors

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the idea of looking for beauty where you live. I might try the same thing, even though it’s too late to participate in the challenge. It is a great exercise in gratitude! 🙂


  2. A staggeringly beautiful collection of the outdoors! Yes, your iPhone shot is gorgeous (my Samsung phone does amazingly well, too). A heart-stopping view from your son’s perspective! Wow! Shared on my Facebook page which auto-tweets 🙂 Thank you for joining Sunday Stills and hope to see you next week, or when inspiration hits!


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