Sunday Stills – Old things and stories

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After looking at some other photos bloggers submitted I decided to share a few things I own that are old and a little unique.

The first item is an old spelling book which is not in very good shape.  It has a copyright of 1883 and belonged to someone in my mom’s family.  The pages inside are yellowed with age and fragile, but you can read everything printed.  It is fascinating to see how different textbooks were back then and I am personally glad I was not a student back in those days.



The next item is one of the first credit cards to purchase items at the former Rich’s department store in Atlanta, GA.  The store was a family owned business and operated from 1867 – 2005 when it was bought by Federated Department Stores, Inc. and was renamed Macys.  The card belonged to my grandmother.

The last item is an ordinary bow with an (I think) extraordinary story!


My grandparents were married in 1894 and I especially love the story of how they met.  I don’t know many details, but here is what I do know.  They both attended an event in town where the young women would prepare a picnic lunch and place a bow (see above) in front of the prepared lunch. The young men would later walk around and look at all of the lunches. They would pick up the bow of the lunch they liked the best. The young men would then walk around and find the young lady with the apron that matched the bow and that is who they would eat lunch with.  So that is how my grandparents met.  She was 17 and he was 20. They were happily married for 53 years!


17 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Old things and stories

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  2. I’m a bit of an amateur collector of old things too, and love that you have the stories behind your beautiful items! When the story is personal, from your own family, the item is even more special!

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  3. That’s a great story about how your Grandparents met. It must have been one of the very early versions of speed dating.

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    Thank you for participating in Sunday Stills.


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