Drive-by and Drop-off

In compliance with social distancing it will just be the two of us celebrating Easter. We will miss our traditional meetup with family, but look forward to spending the day together. We plan to watch our morning Easter church service on TV, and later in the day M. and I plan to cook a small dinner together. We actually have a good time when we cook together, so we are both looking forward to this event!

We still wanted to do a little something special for our grandchildren. Since we have three grandchildren that actually live somewhat near us (the other 11 live in two different states) we decided to do what I like to call a “drive-by and drop-off.” This means we drove by their home, threw kisses, chit-chatted from a distance and dropped off some goodies.

This past Thursday I decided to make a pre-Easter treat –  Bird Nest No Bake cookies as well as some Flower Cookies minus the stems. Both treats were very easy and quick to make.


Of course I forgot to take photos of the final products, but here is what they (pretty much) looked like:

I packed them up in cute little Easter bags to be delivered later that afternoon. The drive by was a success – granddaughter T. happily pointed to her mouth showing us an empty space where she lost her very first tooth – we couldn’t really see it from where we were but she was super excited!  Big brother R. showed off some of the moves he is learning in Dojo class and we later received this photo in a text of little brother S. sampling one of the cookies.


Happy Easter!





21 thoughts on “Drive-by and Drop-off

  1. We did the same thing with our grandchildren – dropped off their Easter treats on the porch. It’s killing me to not see them! Your cookies look much prettier than anything I made! 🙂


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