76 Years Ago Today

My precious parents on their wedding day in 1944.  Many people think their parent’s were the best ~ but mine really were and one of these days I would love to write about that.  They wound up being married 59 years before my dad passed away.  Mom followed four years later.


I love this next picture taken when they were dating ~ photographers would often be on the streets and take photos of couples walking together.  Not sure of the exact date, but I am guessing it is around 1942 or 1943. Dad lived in Virginia so they courted long distance for about two years before they got married.  This photo was taken on one of his visits to see Mom.


Just had to share these last two photos.  The first one was taken in 1925.  Mom is the littlest girl on the right and she was four years old and my aunt on the left is six years old.  I can’t help but notice their haircuts and dresses.  Must have been stylish in those days.  (The socks though – I wonder why no one adjusted them!)


Dad was born in 1920 so I am guessing he was probably around 18 months – two years old in this photo.  I notice no diaper pins just tied in the front.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  I miss you and I love you both so very much!

27 thoughts on “76 Years Ago Today

  1. Sweet remembrance. Your mother looked so young in the ‘dating’ picture. How pretty she was. The diaper strikes a curiosity for sure. Looks relatively thin compared to the cloth diapers of my childhood and I love the way it is wrapped.


  2. Loved the pictures- we had those huge diaper pins with blue ducks and so on around the house in the 1970s, wonder if they have them still- the pictures reminded me of the old pictures in my grandparents’ house, the old roads, clothes and above all the smiles.
    Thanks for sharing! Your parents left a lovely legacy behind through you- where was your mother from ?


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