Thinning Hair (Part 1)

Okay, so I’m taking a deep breath and ready to share something very personal.

Before I begin I want to acknowledge the fact that their are some people that I dearly love who are currently suffering either emotional pain or a medical illness.  I understand many people are suffering from cancer, an addiction, the physical and emotional pain of chronic disease, mental, physical or emotional abuse and the list goes on.  The story I am about to share is in NO WAY comparable to what these brave warriors endure each and every day.  I am quite sure they would gladly switch places with me if at all possible.  Mine is a very small concern in the ways of this world, but by sharing my story I hope it will give encouragement to anyone out there with the same problem.

I first noticed my hair thinning a few years ago.  My hair has always been fairly thick and full so this discovery was a little alarming.  It is still thick in my lower back scalp area, and full in most areas except where I would wear a crown if I was a queen.

4c7cfbfdebe62530a8f54ffc593cb7fcEvery single day there was a disheartening amount of hair strands in my bathroom sink or shower floor as I prepared for the day.  I could run my fingers through my hair at any given moment and almost always found hair strand/s in my fingers.  Why was this happening?

Hours of internet research resulted in several possible causes for thinning hair/hair loss such as ~ medications, medical conditions, diet, stress, heredity, hormones, and a few random things in between.

After discovering a wealth of options I decided to fight.

My time was filled with appointments consulting various doctors (dermatologists, my regular GP, and even my gynecologist), looking closely at my diet and making a few changes, discussing hair implant procedure$$, researching family history, and reading everything I could about how others have dealt with this issue. I tried all kinds of products such as taking Biotin vitamins, applying Rogaine for women, and even applying Rogaine for men.  I carefully read the ingredients listed on the back of countless shampoo’s in an effort to avoid ingredients that may contribute to hair loss.  I tried several natural hair lo$$ treatment $erum$. Nothing was working!!

Solution one: For once, I actually considered my naturally curly hair a blessing. I allowed it to air dry curly instead of try to blow dry it straighter. The curls acted as a barrier to hide the scalp. Only problem was, here in the humid south during the summertime, Frizz became part of the problem and trying to tame curly frizz can be very challenging!  I had to make a decision – thinning scalp showing or frizzy hair?  I was getting desperate!

Solution two: Then one day…. I discovered the Joan Rivers product ~ “Great Hair Day – Thinning Hair Powder Filler” and it literally saved my sanity and I used it daily for a year or two. It was my secret weapon and I highly recommend it.

Here is a look at how it can help.  (Photos of the woman were taken from an advertisement found on the internet.) You just dip the soft brush in the powder and lightly apply it to your scalp or hair roots.  This product is not messy (unlike a brand I tried from Ulta), but the brush would retain some of the powdery residue so I kept it in a separate pouch.  The results I had with this product is very much like the model below.  If you did not know, you couldn’t tell I added the powder.

Over time, no matter how much I combed and sprayed my hair the area of thinning hair was getting more difficult to hide using the Joan Rivers product. It was just a matter of time until my secret weapon would be obvious.

Finally, I came to realize and accept that my hair would not adequately regrow itself. Heredity plays a part in this scenario. My mom had thinning hair, but she wore it in a style that seeing her pink scalp under her gray hair with her pretty face and petite little self underneath was endearing and sweet.  This is not what people would think about me.

Tired of the daily struggle, worry and frustration it was time to take further action. (stay tuned.)

Do you struggle with thinning hair or hair loss?

27 thoughts on “Thinning Hair (Part 1)

  1. OMG! Just this summer I noticed that when I wash my hair my hands are full of hair. I know daily loss is natural but this never happened before. I’ve always had thick but fine hair. If you take away the thick all you have is fine. I’ve been considering next steps and have done all the same crazy research. At this point it’s more apparent to me than to others although I’m checking my part every day. I’ll be tuned in for part 2! PS: I love your disclaimer. I too feel guilty worrying about first world problems but they still need to be talked about.


    • Thanks for your comment! I was a little unsure about sharing this topic, but hope it helps in the long run. I know what you mean about the hands full of hair. It is so alarming at first, especially when you are not used to seeing it. Thanks too for your comment on my disclaimer. This is such a trivial problem to have when you compare it to what is going on in the world right now, and I agree it is beneficial to talk about.

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  2. Great post! I had thick black hair all my life. Then I became a Police Captain, it started falling out. I attributed it to stress. I was afraid to wash my hair for fear of seeing all the strands in my fingers. But we must keep clean.

    This would come and go based on the stress level. Then an injury to my back, plenty of medications apparently have destroyed, what was once a decent head of hair.

    A friend (ex-cop) in all the typical harsh cop humor, saw for for the first time in years.
    “Ron! Your hair sure has receded”
    . “No”, I replied. “It skipped the receding stage, and went into full retreat at some a good while back”.

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  3. Gosh-I am sorry-I do hope you find a solution. I have been having dental issues-ugh. I think as you there are some awful and tragic things in this world, so I must keep a perspective-still thinning hair and sick teeth are certainly no picnic!!!


  4. I hope you find a solution however I see that you have a wonderful attitude. Many people are oblivious to others or insensitive and you are neither. I continue to deal with health issues but my main danger to my life was resolved by a kidney transplant. I have a grateful heart each morning and I see you do also.


    • This problem is not uncommon and different things work for different people. I have seen photos of women with much more hair loss than I am experiencing. I just want to be proactive and learn about the options out there. Thanks for reading.


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