Thinning Hair (Part 2)

After spending a couple of years trying to manage my thinning hair (see original post here.)  I decided to stay proactive before it became totally unmanageable. So, I went to where I usually go ~ the Internet. As I stared at the computer screen I had no idea what to even look for since I truly felt I had already tried all of the options out there.  I just started typing key words like “hair loss solutions” and found this salon not too far from my home.

“Are you too afraid to be excited?” asked Kelli as she smiled encouragingly.

KelliChristie-400x400 (1)

Kelli is the owner of Borrelli’s Salon as well as Illuminations Medical Hair Loss Salon and she works closely with women who are experiencing medical hair loss while they recover.  She also works with women, such as myself, who are looking for a solution to thinning hair/hair loss.


After discovering her salon, I read every single review and decided scheduling a consultation was exactly what I needed to do. When I arrived I was full of questions. My hair is full every where else on my head except the crown area so did I have enough hair loss to even warrant this consultation or did I need to give it more time? What are my options? What is the cost? Kelli patiently answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns.  She took the lead in looking closely at my scalp and offered support as well as a plan of action. My BFF also came along for moral support and assumed the role of another set of ears and another voice to ask questions.  At one point Kelli left the consultation room and BFF and I looked at each other and broke out into big smiles.  This place, this person, was the answer to my prayers!!

A week and a half later I received a “topper”.  Side note: A few days before this appointment I began to second guess myself ~ Would it look natural or would I look in the mirror and clearly see a hair piece had been added? I could never wear headbands or barrettes in my hair for very long without getting a headache, so it was crucial this topper not give me that feeling and what would I do if it did?  I also did not want to get my hopes up nor have my expectations set too high for fear of disappointment.

When I arrived I was escorted to a private room and sat quietly in the chair while Kelli meticulously trimmed, combed, and placed the topper on my head.  The color (with highlights added) and texture was a perfect match for my hair. It blended beautifully with my own hair and looked so natural you would never know I was wearing it.  Needless to say, I was more than pleased!  A huge plus was I could not feel where Kelli clipped on the topper ~ it was light and I truly and honestly did not even realize there was something on my head.

My BFF had come along once again for moral support and she could not believe how good it looked.  We went out to lunch to celebrate and then wandered around a few nearby shops and the whole time I felt confident and happy.

Here are some before and after photos I took to share the results.  This is the very top of my head.  My photos are very mild compared to some I have seen of other women.  Some ladies have really severe hair loss and it must be so devastating.

The topper really adds style and fullness to the crown area of my scalp and gives my own natural head shape a finished and defined look.

The topper in this photo lasted about a year and a half and I have since ordered another one that I have been wearing off and on for over a year. If you or anyone you know is challenged with thinning hair or hair loss, and nothing seems to be working, I encourage you to look into this option.  It is truly light on my head, not hot at all like I thought it would be, I always have a good hair day and the best part of all ~  it makes me happy!

After all of this, I have made the decision to grow out my gray roots and maybe change things up a bit.  I will let you know (in a few months) how this goes!

19 thoughts on “Thinning Hair (Part 2)

  1. Just yesterday I was doing more research. I didn’t want supplements and reviews on the rogaine type solutions talk about oily or greasy hair. I came across toppers. Then I thought about guys at work with toupees. Gross. There are places on-line where you can buy them but what color, will they be too shiny and they are not cheap. I’ve been trying to find a local place that would match for me and trim to fit my hair style. So far all I’ve found are places advertising glue on extensions but I’ll keep looking. Your pictures look just like the pictures on line and I’m glad to hear from someone not associated with a vendor that they work. Thanks for posting about this.


  2. Feeling good about how you look is what matters most, and I am glad you found a solution that works for you. It looks very natural and lightweight. Going gray is another challenge altogether. I considered doing that, especially now, but my family staged a protest! Thanks for sharing your story.


  3. This is wonderful that you found the perfect solution for your thinning hair. I’m not to that stage yet, but I’ll know where to begin when my hair gets thinner. Thank you for writing this and showing before and after pictures.

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  4. I am so glad that you found a solution that works for you. The topper photo looks completely natural. I would never have guessed it was anything but your genuine hair.
    As to growing in your grow roots. I began doing that almost one year ago (Sept 9 will be one full year). The whole process has been 100% easier than I had imagined. My husband loves the results (as does my wallet as well as my desire to not put unnecessary chemicals on my head). I look forward to reading how this journey goes for you.


    • Thanks for your input.! The $avings in my wallet will be nice and I absolutely agree ~ I do not like the chemicals on my head. Luckily the lady who cuts and colors my hair uses natural products but I am sure it has to contain some chemicals. She told me she uses these more natural products because she has to breathe them in almost daily and wanted to watch out for herself as well I am so glad you are happy with your results. I am still a bit leery, but also more curious about how it will actually look so I am going to go for it. Here is to aging gracefully!


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