Home Alone

Since retiring, my husband and I have spent a lot of time together which means not much “alone” time. We pretty much do everything together from grocery shopping to Costco runs, to Silver Sneakers exercise classes. We’ve decided not to move so we have been busy updating some areas of our home which has required us to spend a lot of time discussing options and a lot of footwork as we make final decisions which equals a lot of time together.

My social life is busier than M’s so we do get “some” time apart, but the thing is – I am seldom ALONE. I mean truly alone – no one in another room in the house, no one sitting next to me in the car or no one wanting my attention as we shop or dine. 

I am not complaining as I enjoy every single minute with my wonderful husband and friends, but I fantasize about having some quiet time alone in my own home. Wrapping myself in a warm blanket on the sofa as I relax in absolute silence to read a book or magazine, or quietly think about life in general, or mindlessly watch TV. I long to open the refrigerator and just pick around until I find something to eat. Just me, myself and I time.

The opportunity finally arrived last night when my husband was invited out for pizza with three of his friends!! 

After lounging in a long, hot bath I put on some snuggly pajamas and made my way to the kitchen. After routing through the fridge, I was able to put together a dinner that made me smile and enjoyed watching a Hallmark Christmas movie while I dined on chicken salad, grapes and water in my favorite holiday wine glass.  A little while later my sweet tooth began to ache, so I enjoyed a little piece of leftover cake with some coffee in one of my favorite cups. 

Later on I went all out and treated myself to a little liquid chocolate. I wound up having three and half hours of ALONE time (if you don’t count my dog – who did not have to go out not even once to potty, and basically laid in this position the entire evening) until my husband returned home.  I felt refreshed and relaxed and so enjoyed listening to M’s stories about his evening with old friends. I think everyone deserves a little “home alone” time.

25 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. My husband who is quite frail is going with his daughter to her beach house tomorrow. They will be away for four days and he will have a lovely time with his family. I am so looking forward to my lovely long holiday at home by myself. Nothing to do. No one to look after. I am so grateful for this anticipated time by myself.


  2. I love my family, but I need alone time to recharge. My husband has not retired yet–we’re talking and praying about how and when to do that. But I wonder what life will be like when he does. For many years of our marriage, I was often alone while he had to travel. He has been working from home since before the pandemic. Though that’s nice in many ways, I am missing alone time. I’m learning to trust God to provide it when I need it.


    • Having the opportunity to “recharge” is so important to mental, emotional, and physical health. I often find lingering in a hot bath or taking a walk around my neighborhood or just sitting in a quiet space helps. I love my husband dearly, but there is just something about being home alone – even for an hour or two- that is so rejuvenating. Putting it in God’s hands is a definite win win situation. ❤

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  3. This need for alone time is deep seated, and I look forward to the odd snatched hours when I’m alone and responsible only for myself. Thank you for sharing your evening.

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      • I had some nice alone time this morning on my 79th birthday. Grandson David drove John to the hospital to have some fluid removed from his lung. I didn’t go because the eye doctor has not cleared me for driving yet. I played Christmas music while writing a blog, and the fellows made out very well, too. The procedure did not take long, was not painful, and John didn’t have to wait until next year to get this diagnostic work done. Yay for quiet time!


      • Sounds like you had some relaxing moments while John was at his appointment. (Also, glad to read that John had a good doctor visit.) I adore the WE time with my husband, but there is something nice about having even just an hour or two alone.


      • My feelings are the same. John and I walk together, and that is my favorite time with him. We are both away from our screens and other listeners. I appreciate that John sits and chats with me after meals, too. Son and grandson are often out of the house working.

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  4. Oh my, how this post resonates with me. Since moving into my MIL’s home in July I have not had ANY time alone. Last week I slipped away and got a pedicure, but that isn’t the same as being home, completely alone, enjoying my own company. It is wise of you to recharge and a great message to us all, during this busy holiday season. Malcolm and I are heading out to the beach this afternoon for some WE time. Merry Christmas!


  5. Sounds like it was just what you needed. How perfect!

    My husband enjoys running many of our errands by himself, giving me ample opportunities to savor Home Alone time. I love it . . . but am always pleased to hear his key in the door too!

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