Earth Elements – Terri Webster Schrandt’s Photo Challenge – Sunday Stills – Jan. 30th

This is my first time posting for Terri’s photo challenge and I thought it might be fun to try. The Sunday Stills topic for this week is Elements – water, fire, earth, and air/wind.

My first set of photos is water. One of the photos was taken at a lovely golf community we love to visit about an hour north of us. The other photo is one of our grandsons sitting along the shoreline of Calibogue Sound in Sea Pines at Hilton Head, SC. I wonder what he is thinking?

The next set of photos is fire. The first photo is our fire pit in the backyard. We have so much fun gathering around it while roasting marshmallows, sipping a hot drink or an adult beverage while we enjoy lively conversation or stare quietly at the flames. The other photo is an advent wreath that we like to light during the Christmas season. We did not continue this tradition this past year and we really missed it. I am on the search for a new wreath for next year.

The next set is Earth. Both photos were taken in my backyard. I just loved how the rays of sun were shining through the trees during the late summer afternoon. The other shows the clouds at sunset on a cold winter twilight.

The last set of photos is wind. This was a little more challenging to find this element. The first photo is the flag on a sunset cruise. The other is a sailboat we spotted in Calibogue Sound. We took both of these photos while staying in Sea Pines in Hilton Head, SC.

12 thoughts on “Earth Elements – Terri Webster Schrandt’s Photo Challenge – Sunday Stills – Jan. 30th

  1. Your photography is beautiful! I’m glad you joined your fellow bloggers for Sunday Stills! Welcome, although I happened to notice you posted back in January 2020 for Sunday Stills (probably when Hugh was hosting for me). I like the name of your blog–that’s what I’m doing at the ripe old age of 62, LOL! Love your firepit!


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