Weigh In Wednesday

Just putting this out here as an attempt of accountability.

I have been dealing with sciatic nerve pain in my right leg since pulling my back this past April. If you have ever had sciatica, then you can relate to the level of discomfort.

I thought I would find relief by applying ice and taking it easy ~ but my attempt at self-care eventually led me to visiting our family doctor which led to an x-ray (bulging disk and a little arthritis) which then led to some physical therapy (I was not impressed with the facility and eventually quit going) which led to an MRI (my first) which then led to my receiving a sacroiliac joint injection. (Not as painful as it might sound).

The good news is I am now feeling about 98% better. The bad news is – due to cutting back on movement and not cutting back on eating – I gained about 8 – 10 pounds!!! I have never gained so much weight in such a short period of time in my life (other than being pregnant) and I am disgusted with my lack of self-discipline!!!

So, today I have set a weight loss goal and hope to achieve my goal by mid to late September. By putting this out there for you to see I hope it provides the motivation to succeed rather than humiliate myself! I am not going post about my weekly progress, but Wednesdays will be my weigh in day. I mainly wrote this post for me but if you have managed to read this far – thanks for your support! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ˜Š

22 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. The heat is doing a number on my own efforts at regular exercise walks…so even without your pain (ouch), I get it. A veritable Catch 22 – needing to take it easy for healing/health but then health/weight is affected!
    I’m with ya – and might sneak in a few Wed weigh-ins, too. Incognito of course!


  2. I’m behind you. No, better yet, I’ll lift you up, and that will improve the number on the scale.

    My official weigh day is Sunday. I am amused that I never considered another day.

    Good luck! I’m glad your pain has lessened.


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