Bone Broth

The very idea of putting snail, head cheese, liver, tongue, or blood sausage in my mouth is something that repulses me beyond words.  They may taste absolutely delicious, but I will never know and it is based solely on the name. Bone broth is borderline. Kind of grosses me out, but kind of doesn’t.

Always up for a challenge in the kitchen, I decided to make some beef bone broth. Chicken bone broth was not a contender because it tends to remind me of when I stayed home sick with a fever from school as a child. My mom would open a can of chicken and rice soup and serve it with saltine crackers to help me feel better. Sweet memories of mom, but not of the soup.

I found a few recipes online and I took a little something from each and made it one recipe for myself.  M. and I took a nice drive to the country to purchase some grass-fed, grass finished beef bones from our favorite farm.  We also bought organic vegetables. I followed the directions and boiled the bones for about 20 minutes before roasting them. This is one of two trays of the beef bones roasting with the vegetables.


I then put everything into my crock pot, added filtered water, and let it simmer on low.


Sixty hours later – yes 60 hours – I removed the lid, drained the liquid, threw out the veggies and bones, and skimmed out any fat.  I poured the broth into glass jars – about 12 pints – and put most of them in my freezer.  I took one to school for a mid morning snack at my desk and it was just as delicious as I had hoped.


I have since added this broth to other recipes such as my homemade vegetable soup or to use as flavoring rice or potatoes.  My favorite way is heated in a bowl or a cup. This was very good and I will be making it again.   

By the way, oxtail was an ingredient in this recipe. Trying it was out of my comfort zone, but happy to say it was absolutely delicious.  Although it was not enough to convince me to try snail, head cheese, liver, tongue, or (gag) blood sausage.