She was only 34 years old when she first felt the lump as she breastfed her four-month-old son. She thought it was due to the typical changes a woman’s body goes through after giving birth so she wasn’t really worried.

But it was cancer.   Stage II breast cancer.


Pictured with her loving and supportive brother.

At Emory Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta, GA she underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy, 32 rounds of radiation and surgery for a half mastectomy.  She was raised with three brothers so she had a natural “fighter” instinct.



Several months later she celebrated the end of this journey by an emotion filled singing  of Amazing Grace in front of her husband, a few close family members and her nurses.


“How sweet the sound” of her voice.

Unfortunately, less than a year later, the cancer spread to a lymph node in her right lung as well as one outside her lungs.

The cancer had a new name.

Stage 4 – Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

It quickly made its way to her hip and right ovary eventually moving into her spine and liver.

This past Thursday evening she won her battle and is now cancer free.

I will always remember her as a bright and happy third grader sitting at her desk in my classroom so many, many years ago.

Goodbye sweet girl, I can’t wait to see you again.