Almost everywhere I look these days ~ as I flip through magazines, watch television or read through fashion blogs ~ I see them.  I also see them shopping where I shop, eating where I eat, walking in my neighborhood, and attending my church. They even go to the same doctor or dentist.  Who are they?

Beautiful, inspiring, aging women with their gorgeous gray hair, tasteful sense of style, and undeniable self-confidence. These ladies work hard taking care of themselves and some have invested $$ to keep sagging skin and wrinkles away. They are impressive role models and have set the bar pretty high. They make growing old look so glamorous and …. youthful.  Not a bad way to approach older age.

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But there is another group of impressive role models too.

A sisterhood of beautiful, inspiring, aging women who accept they are getting older.  I bet you already know one of these women ~ you just might be one of them yourself. You can easily recognize them because their faces are etched with a lifetime of laughter, stress, worry, and good times. (aka wrinkles)14925360_1300800556647690_7786808355584048423_n

They will occasionally give in and enjoy that second helping or a slice of dessert when the opportunity arises all while smiling through the tightness around the waistline until they get home. As they slip into something more comfortable they vow to try to exercise and eat less the next day.

Some of these ladies are just happy to be alive and share life with loved ones and friends. They might wish deep in their hearts they were thinner or had a more interesting personal life, but in reality they are pretty darned content.

They still want to be stylish but if they should wind up looking frumpy in the process they can handle it.  Sometimes they choose comfort over style when they wear flips flops and blue jeans with a ball cap or other covering because they don’t feel like styling their thinning hair just to run to the grocery store.

Aging is a personal journey of choices. Should you use Botox or maybe surgery for nips and tucks, or just let your body change as God intended?  Maybe a little of both?  Some of these ladies are blessed to have the opportunity to decide which of these paths to take ~ Unexpected health issues or financial constraints can definitely affect or alter a decision.

No matter how you approach aging ~ one thing is for certain ~ is it is a gift denied to many.  As I celebrated my recent birthday (which fell on Thanksgiving this year) I silently paused and gave thanks for every wrinkle, every bulge and even my thinning hair.  I reflected on how thankful I am for healthy food choices I have the privilege to make as I shop around for the best I can afford.  I am thankful for the love from my family and friends. I am also very thankful I have a husband who loves me and encourages me through this journey as we age together.