Bucket List (a different perspective)

“Bucket lists are only for the young; once you get my age there is no need to seek such outlandish adventures,” said the older woman as she leaned toward the younger lady sitting across from her.

I had been out running errands and decided to stop for a quick-lunch and could not help but overhear the conversation next to me.  I have been thinking about bucket lists so this conversation naturally caught my attention. The older woman was probably close to 70 and the younger woman (possibly her daughter) looked to be in her 40’s.  The older woman argued that she had “no interest in swimming with dolphins or riding in a hot air balloon” at her age.  She would rather take the time to teach her (the daughter) how to make her “special coconut cake” or “teach her granddaughter how to knit”.

Making a bucket list doesn’t have to be all about adventures or fulfilling an overwhelming need to achieve.  The “must do’s” can be something as simple as making cookies for our first responders, teaching your daughter a beloved recipe, teaching your granddaughter how to knit, or watching your grandchild compete in an event.


Maybe consider making someone else’s dream come true.


Getting involved in things around your community, staying informed about the world around us, and enjoying the slower pace of life are all some folks need as they age.  This sounds inviting and very appealing to me!

Setting goals and satisfying desires are great motivators. The goals may have to become more focused.  For example, I have put on some weight.  Getting down to a desired size is overwhelming, but loosing three pounds a month is less daunting and more attainable.

Long terms goals can still be set.  I have a friend who would love to finish her college degree after an almost 40 year gap now that she is retired.  Guess what she is pursuing this fall?

I guess the purpose of a bucket list is multifaceted as you age.  While a bucket list can help you see that dreams are still attainable, challenges can still be met, and dreams can still come true there is something to be said for simplicity.  Approach each day as a new opportunity.  Teach your daughter how to make a special recipe, teach your granddaughter your special talent, or step outside and take a walk around your neighborhood. Composing a formal bucket list may not be necessary.  Just get out there and start doing the things that matter most to you!