Bucket List Idea #2

Go tandem skydiving.

“Fun, Frightening, Beautiful” words I heard others exclaim as they each one arrived safely back to Earth.

My oldest son had been talking for months about wanting to go skydiving.  When he turned 22 I gave him the opportunity for his birthday present. He was super excited.

I began to question my sanity.  What was I thinking?


He was my baby and I was the one sending him off on this adventure.




I remember my daughter and I anxiously searching the sky for the tiny dot that soon landed safely on the ground.




When I asked him about the experience he struggled for the words at first.  I imagine there are no completely satisfactory words to describe such a challenge. He then said, “It was so vast! I wish I could go right back up and really enjoy it this time, really look at things!”

Skydiving is definitely NOT going on my bucket list, but maybe it is just what YOU need!  If you have ever considered sky diving , don’t wait!