Bucket List

Stargaze:  In my opinion, there are few things in life that are more beautiful than a star filled night. The dark velvet sky sprinkled with sparkling diamonds and gems is a sight to behold. I remember travelling with my family one summer from Death Valley, California as we headed towards Las Vegas on US 95 for a visit with extended family.  The sun had set and as the moonless night grew darker the sky became brilliant. At one point we had to pull off to the side of the road in a very dark and remote area to give the brakes on our car a rest because they had begun to get hot and smelly. As we stood outside the car talking about our dilemma my eyes went immediately to the heavens. I had never seen such breath-taking beauty!  The Milky Way was literally sparkling and shimmering, twinkling and gleaming like tiny diamonds.  If you have never had this experience you are missing one of nature’s most magnificent and humbling experiences.

I have been lucky enough to have visited many places during the course of my life and have had opportunities to do many things.  There are still a few things out there that I would like to experience, amend, or accomplish.  In an effort to give myself some accountability and motivation, I have been thinking about making a bucket list.

Do you have a “Bucket List”? You know a list of things you want to experience or accomplish over your lifetime. I have never written a formal bucket list so I decided it might be fun to write one at this point in my life and ask my husband to write one too. It will be interesting to compare and maybe learn something else about each other.



I found some advice and a list of questions to think about to help me get started.

  1. Don’t try to write it all at once.  It is not as easy as you think and it may actually take a long time to write a complete list.
  2. Target different areas of your life, not just the recreation aspect. Things like hobbies, finances, and relationships. (Any countries, places, or locations you want to visit; any skills or activities you want to try out; what would you like to say or do with family or friends; what have you always wanted to do but not yet done,  what would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources?)
  3. Look at other people’s lists. You can get some really great ideas that way.
  4. Make some easier to achieve than others. You don’t want to get discouraged.
  5. Set a timeline to make your list more productive. What do you want to accomplish this year, in five years, in ten years, etc.?
  6. Post your list where you can see it often. I am going to place mine on my refrigerator. I open this every single day and it can serve as a constant reminder. Also, if anyone notices it and asks me about it, it will be a form of keeping me accountable.
  7. Cross out the things after you do them and keep adding new ideas. There are so many events, activities and experiences to go through that your list may never be complete.

                          ~ I have started mine, how about you?