Life Songs

My reply would be that I still think they are wonderful,” stated Irving Berlin in regards to the many songs he had written that didn’t become hits.

You may recall Berlin composed songs such as God Bless America, Blue Skies, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, and White Christmas. An article in 2001 Time magazine stated he wrote over 1,000 songs with 25 reaching the number one spot on the pop charts throughout his career.

His comment got me to thinking and I realize that every day I am composing my own “life” songs.


Over the years, I have noticed when I try to compose the melody or write the lyric all by myself the result often sounds like a bunch of noise.  No matter how many attempts, or the amount of time and tears I invest in a composition, the song is, well, inferior.

It is only when I allow my Heavenly Father, with His skillful hands and ears, to help me that I begin to notice how rhythmic and harmonious the sounds become.

Like music that becomes beautiful in the hands of a master, so do our lives in the hands of our Heavenly Father.  When the Lord composes our lives, then our lives will become a beautiful song, melodious to the people who hear it, including God Himself.

Although our “life” songs may not always reach the #1 top tune, even among those who love us the most, it is important to remember that God loves the entire collection of our “life” songs.  From the top hits to the ones that did not make anyone’s playlist, I’m betting He “still thinks they are wonderful.”

If Irving Berlin felt that way about his songs, imagine how our Heavenly Father must feel about us ~ the “songs” He created.

Jeremiah 31:3: “…I have loved you with an everlasting love,”

Savor Writing

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” ~ Flannery O’Connor

I savor writing.

It makes me focus, is therapeutic, and helps me relax!

I find myself so in the moment that I often neglect other things because I am soaking in the pleasure of the process.

The way my fingers fly across the keyboard as I share my private thoughts.

The swivel of my chair as I sit back and critique what I have written.


I get so totally immersed in what I am doing that time slips away, other thoughts disappear, and I just can’t (don’t want to) stop!

Why do I write?  I like the way I feel when I write.  I can often see things more clearly and can grasp life in ways that might otherwise escape me.

Even though I have much to learn about writing (and can only dream about becoming a real writer), I consider it such a treat to sit at my desk and actually savor this process.